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About Us

HAPPYPOPPER is a brand,is a story…. a story about entrepreneurship ...

Happypopper is one of the largest E-commerce company in Malaysia . specialized on online podous and retailing of Machinery , Food Materials ,Household Appliances, and IT products .

Our business includes research and development, design, production of food, sales of food-based machines such as electric fryer, gas fryer, electric popcorn machine, gas popcorn machine, industrial popcorn machine, ice cream machine,waffle machine. . . Also involved wholesale food ingredients such as popcorn corn seed, popcorn caramel, waffle powder , chocolate spread, peanut spread and other . . .

At the same time, our company is also good at investing in real estate, earning rental profits and buying and selling real estate profits. It is also used to support the development of HAPPYPOPPER companies, government taxation, social charity and other ...

Next, our target is to successfully develop and master solar energy technology within two years, so our customers can face the challenges of business in a more convenient, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly environment.

When you need a machine to run your business, we can help you ( Machinery )

When you need food ingredients to match your machine, we can help you (F& B supply )

When you are in the early stages of business and need to reduce your entrepreneurial costs, we can also help you. (2.5 Hp 2hand aircon, 2 hand machine and repair service )

When your business is working, you are bothered by the high electricity bills. We are ready to help you ( Solar )